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Electronic Horn Control Set


Wrenn 'Master Mariner'

Battery operated set comprising: plastic boat with controller fitted with ships wheel, floating buoys and inflatable pool.

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It steers by a magnetic field set up by an induction loop created by the blue cable being connected to the controller and place around the pool.


It used not a conventional electric motor but Wrenn's own design of motor.

The supply voltage passed through a contact relay driven from an offset lever on the motor spline. The motor was started or stopped by flicking the propeller. It is said that this motor design was what attracted Lines Bros. to take an interest in the company. This clever design was then used in the FROG Spin-A-Prop motor.

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The steering mechanism used the Magnetic field induction principle, a very clever idea. The Magnetic field was created by connecting the battery across the large blue coil surrounding the pool.


This connection was made via the control unit which was a simple On-Off-On (reversed polarity) switch.

The magnetic steering mechanism reacted to this field and moved the rudder.


In testing my set the movement/reaction of the steering is greatly amplified when the motor is running.

Any ideas to why would be welcome.


Perhaps something to do with the lumps of metal mounted an the base of the boat and steering mechanism??


WRENN  Wonder-Boat Set

had the same boat as the Master Mariner Set


The Magic-Wand Controller looks to have a magnet mounted on it which provides the magnetic field to operate the steering mechanism. "Flicking" it  starts the motor, how is as yet to be determined.



Two of WRENN's other products

The Vosper RAF Crash Tender started life being produced by the company, Victory Industries of Guildford. This model was produced from 1954 through to 1969 by Victory and then when the company closed in 1969, the tooling and remaining stocks were bought by G&R Wrenn. Wrenn then produced the boat for a further two years. They also manufactured the Vosper triple screw Turbine Yacht again a Victory Company original.

1969/70 Catalogue



The Mighty Midget Motor again started life being produced by the Victory Company


Electronic Horn Control Set