WRENN Power Units


WN8 Circuit Control Unit


September Railway Modeller 1969 Advert



WN8 was sold with a Tri-ang P42 Controller and Box



The Control Unit included in my set did not have the overload cut-out button  or the high/low switch. This may mean that the box had the wrong contents or the Wrenn version was made like this (not according to the picture in the advert) or Tri-ang were clearing out old stock. Any information on this would be welcome.

I have now taken the unit apart and underneath there are the mountings for the switch and cut-out button this shows it was a later moulding. Perhaps the answer is in the wording of the Advert:

'Special High Resistance' - hence, no need for the high/low switch

'Self re-setting thermal cut-out' - hence, no need for a re-set button


And here they are !!


Perhaps this also answers why the unit seemed rather expensive. The normal Tri-ang Unit with switch and re-set button was 17/6 where as the WRENN Unit was 24/6